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Learning to do well to do good…

Learning Biblical Business Principals

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At a county–wide LSBC meeting in April 2007, Dr. Keith Starcher, the founder of Leaders Serving Beaver County, spoke on “True North Wisdom” All of those in attendance went back to their offices/places of business carrying a small stone with a black arrow drawn on it. We were all challenged by Dr. Starcher to keep the stone on our desk with the arrow pointing north— to remind us that true north wisdom, not worldly wisdom but spiritual , heavenly wisdom is what we are to seek in the marketplace.

Dr. Starcher shared that in the third chapter of the book of James heavenly wisdom is from above and is pure, peace loving, gentle at all times, willing to yield to others, full of mercy and good deeds, shows no favoritism, and is always sincere. Always seeking what Dr. Starcher calls “True North Wisdom” will allow us to stand out in the marketplace! What a challenge though. He encouraged us to take our Sunday beliefs and attitudes and carry them with us into the workweek. We must “walk the talk”.

If anyone still has the “True North Wisdom” stone pointing north on their desk it probably gets bumped and moved around and you have to set it right. It’s a great reminder that we need to maintain heavenly wisdom in our businesses while always realizing that God is in charge!
Why Join

At a county–wide LSBC meeting in January 2005, Dr. Keith Starcher, the founder of Leaders Serving Beaver County, emphasized the value of participating in LSBC as follows:

“How can LSBC add value to you? What should you expect to gain from attending an LSBC meeting?

First, we will share business knowledge that will help each of us become excellent in whatever we do in the marketplace. We’ll glean the best from the world of applied theory, distill best practices down to their essence and present the information in an engaging way.

Second, we will share this business knowledge from both a marketplace and a biblical perspective. Although the Bible is not a business book, most of us would agree, that good business practices are built on foundational biblical principals. What we have learned from the world regarding business excellence will be filtered through a biblical lens and honed on the Word of God.

Third, LSBC will provide each of us with an opportunity to demonstrate real servant leadership in Beaver County as the Lord leads us to develop, coordinate, and complete practical and meaningful county-wide project. Hence, the LSBC tagline, “Learning to do well to do good.”

Of course there may be other benefits of participating in LSBC—networking, praying together in small groups, bearing one another’s burdens, and rejoicing in one another’s triumphs—but the three I just mentioned are the value-added features of LSBC.”

Dr. Keith Starcher, Founder, LSBC

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